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(Aug 2021)

Stratum is a performance installation interlacing dance and textile arts, in which these two elements continue to shape and transform each other during the process and performance itself. As the performers enter the nest, we begin to influence the structure and the integrity of the installation with our movement, pulling, shaking, leaning on, giving and receiving weight. We have chosen silk and mesh fabric to compose the majority of the installation because of its elasticity and ability to receive information and conversate with the performers. The stripes of textiles response to our movement by loosening, tightening,  dragging,  surrendering and resisting. This energetic conversation between the performers and  the textile completes Stratum.

Choreography: Sarah U

Installation: Aynaz Parkas

Dancers: Jacqueline Ritter, Aynaz Parkas, Sarah U

Photography: Sheng Ho

Music: Trastler - Air, Rameses B - Soul Essence

Presented at Vines Art Festival, Hadden Park, Vancouver, BC, Aug 17, 2021.

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