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ArtStarts Ignites

Artist-in-residence spotlight, 2022 April

ArtStarts: Can you tell us about your project during your residency?

Sarah U: My project titled “Forthcoming” explores how the glorification of overstimulation and overconsumption will shape and transform our bodies in 300 years from now. This work is a collaboration between myself and the machine learning process (VOS system). This project centers on speed, dynamism and restlessness of the modern body.

The Dance Centre
Member spotlight, 2021 July

The Dance Centre: How would you describe dance’s impact on your life?

Sarah U: I think the most fulfilling moments in my short 22 years on Earth are related/connected to dance in one way or the other. Sometimes it is feeling grounded in a contact improvisation class on a Monday morning ;and sometimes it is the final bow on the last performance night; it is presenting a work and it is watching my students on stage etc. This is very cliche to say… but dance makes me happy and I think it somehow helps me find my place and purpose. I remembered getting a spine injury when I was 13 and I felt like it was the end of the world because dance was the only thing I kind of knew how to do. Now I can imagine myself doing different things, but I do not envision a future where dance and creation is not a major part of my life.

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