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Hello beautiful people, I am so happy you found me!

This is a place where I share resources and reflections from my trainingrehearsals, creative processes, grant writing processes etc. I also share strategies that have helped me find employment and opportunities in this industry.  This comes from a humble place of offering, and I am open for discussion and comments always~ xo

Photo by Laura Zeke


Recommended body workers (physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists) by members in the community.

2022 Nov

This zine reflect on my past process in creating multimedia performance "Silent Howl" that integrates dance and animation/projection. Here are a few thoughts on what help us find a shared language in our process!

2022 March

“Out of School, What Now?” is a 9-page resource guide created  in hopes of providing some tips and resources for emerging artists. The resource guide includes three sections in Building Your Brand (Biography, CV, Artist Statement), Professional Development, and Networking Tips.

*zine commissioned by artsUNITE

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