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(Dec, 2020)


S T E P is a short dance film choreographed, performed, and edited by Sarah U.  This is a site specific project,  inspired by the sense of depth and elevation/depression on the fire exit stairwells in the building she lives in. She is interested in concrete, dull, inflexible texture, and the feeling of privacy and intimacy from the location. In this project, she documents her body’s responses to the space and investigates ways to use her backspace,  pivote, twist and rotate while moving up, down and around the stairs.

Choreographer / Performer /  Editor: Sarah U

Videographer: Ashley U, Pang Iok Fan, Sarah U

Music: Harbinger by Alec Ness and LJ by Travis Lake.

 Presented at "Capsule: Video series", Digital, National Arts Centre, May 5 - Aug 31, 2021; "In the meantime", Digital, Vimeo, Simon Fraser University, Feb 13-14, 2021."Social-Dissonance", Digital, Vimeo, Simon Fraser University, Dec 5, 2020.

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