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(Dec, 2020)

stills from short film "Puzzle".
Puzzle is a two piece work, consisting of a short film and a live version on zoom. In Puzzle, we explore the individuality and identity of each dancer, and how we fit or do not fit to others.

" I am a mere puzzle piece, but life itself is a puzzle." - Nicole Dawn

except from "Puzzle" live.

Choreographer: Sarah U in collaboration with dancers
Dancers: Myah McCarthy, Jay Gignac, 
 Zaarah Ibarra Lopez, Sarah Kennedy, 
Rose Lynn
Musician/Composer: Erlynn Garcia 
Videographer: Finka Lai , Lucas Rojen 
Editor: Finka Lai , Sarah U 

Presented at "Peek show 9", Live on Zoom, Impulse Theatre, Victoria, BC, Nov 20, 2020 and "Ascension 2020", Twitch, Simon Fraser University, Dec 11, 2020.

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