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(Feb, 2020)

"365" is a duet choreographed and performed by Sarah U and Jaqueline Ritter. In this piece, we experimented with using daily gestures as part of the movement vocabulary, and include mutli visual elements such as lights, shadows and reflections.

Yonder See the Morning


Yonder see the morning blink:

     The sun is up, and up must I,

To wash and dress and eat and drink

And look at things and talk and think

     And work, and God knows why.


Oh often have I washed and dressed

     And what's to show for all my pain?

Let me lie abed and rest:

Ten thousand times I've done my best

     And all's to do again.


A.E. Housman

Choreographer and Performer: Sarah U and Jaqueline Ritter.

Lighting Designer: Hans Hsieh.

Set Design: Sarah U and Jaqueline Ritter.

Music: Meeting points at 2am by dne, Leave you by City Girl, Walking in the Rain to a cafe to Write Down Private Thoughts by City Girl.

Presented at "The Junction of here and there", Goldcorp Centre of the Arts, Vancouver, BC, February 6-8th, 2020.

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