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silent Howl

(Feb 2022- Present)

Silent howl is a multimedia performance that celebrates the beauty and diversity of neurodivergent minds. This performance recreate sensations of uncontainability by constructing a highly energetic world that showcases movement, real-time animation,  and electronic music corresponding to the theme of lines. 

Silent Howl is a a performance of  visual representation of brain activities through Sarah Hin Chng U(choreographer/dancer) living experience with a seizure disorder. While I am drenched of having to advocate for myself constantly in the extremely physically demanding dance world, I find my condition a “gift” at certain times. As I am able to notice nuances in the blend everyday life, and to feel every experience deeply , fully, and passionately.  In this work, I highlight neurodiversity and attempt to give pride to people who have a different capacity in brain and sensory processes. I hope this performance reminds people that being different is not a weakness, but a strength to be celebrated.

Choreography/Performer: Sarah U

Animation Design/Lighting design: Alexandra Caprara

Sound composer: Jackson Adrian

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