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silent Howl

(Feb 2022- Present)

Silent Howl is a multimedia performance that showcases a visual representation of neuron activities in a highly sensitive person’s brain. The primary composition tool in this performance is lines; including straight, curve, zig zag and dotted lines, with each line representing a different emotional respsonse. Sarah is inspired by lines from her personal experience of practicing “re-foucs therapy” which is a recovery tool for HSP, ADHD, anxiety peoples. During “Re-focus therapy”, highly sensitve people to bring their attention to an imaginary line/dot to reduce the magnitude of overwhelming senses.


In this performance, we hope to give the audience an insight to the challenges of highly sensitive people and other neurodiverse individuals by incorporating improvised movement and animation design by Alexandra Caprara that responds to each other in real time, composing a profoundly interactive and engaging world for the audiences to experience. 

Choreography/Performer: Sarah U

Animation Design/Lighting design: Alexandra Caprara

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